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Our purpose: customer service
We have developed a wide range of products with more than 200 references (boxes, baskets, pallets...) in response to the variety of applications of our clients: butter, cheese, tomato, flower, fruit, chocolate, vegetable, seeds, potato...

Innovation & Automation


Nailed by hand in 1947, our packages are today stapled or glued using robots on automatics lines. The patented gluing process strengthens our competitiveness, protects end-users and reduces the arduousness for our operators.
Research and innovation for products and processes, from our development teams, accelerate the development of our customers and our company.



Aware of the fragility of the balance between use of natural resources and industrial applications we are financially involved in the reforestation of harvested plots. All of our waste is recycled and ensures an excellent carbon footprint. Wood, glues or dyes used in the composition of our packaging are 100% food quality, 100% recyclable, 100% made in France, 100% biodegradable.


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Standing wood purchasing

Our team buys the standing poplars less than 150 kilometers around the company. Species selection criteria includes: aesthetic qualities (white, regular, without knots,...) and mechanical (resistance to assembly constraints and strength for our packaging content).
In order to ensure sustainable management of the forest resource, our loggers, equipped with modern equipment cut and haul away while respecting the environment (protection and respect of the cultivated fields).


Modern sawmill

Our sawmill transforms wood for industrial or domestic applications, dedicated to poplar, we provide pallet wood, dunnage, carpentry or siding and feed our packaging manufacturing.
A planing workshop for Northern softwood, transforms each year close to 5000 m3 primarily intended for the manufacture of bedding.
To improve internal workflows, reduce costs we assemble complex pallets directly on the industrial site of our customers.



The light wood packaging is an excellent humidity regulator, traps bacteria, it contributes to a better conservation of foods it contains.
With more than 10 million boxes or baskets and more than 200 references manufactured each year we are the leader in Europe for wood baskets.
Mainly intended for multiple food applications, our packaging protect either butter, cheese, fruits, vegetables, flowers...

Our products



Our wooden baskets, glued according to a patented process, are 100% food quality, 100% biodegradable.
They are produced in very large scale allow an excellent competitiveness, a specific branding allows customization of your packaging.

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These are authentic baskets with their vintage stapling, 100% poplar, our baskets carry and protect products.
Hampers can be fitted with solid or perforated covers and can be embellished to your image.

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Thanks to the multiplicity of forms and printing possibilities our plywood boxes can be used to create unique cases to protect and enhance the products (cheese or fish) in their sales packaging.

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The recognized quality of our poplar sawing is used for furniture, paneling or pallets. We chose to assemble, just in sequence, complex pallets directly on the industrial sites of our customers.
Our planing mill embellished pine boards for the assembly of bedding frames.

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